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Photo of Lauren Kyle

Lauren Kyle

Started working for Linley and Simpson in 2008

Hi, I'm Lauren Kyle

I'm 28 and I've worked for Linley & Simpson for 5 years.

I'm a country bumpkin at heart after growing up and spending my childhood in Cornwall.

I live near Pontefract in Wakefield and try desperately to stay away from the Haribo factory on my days off!

I am a huge animal lover and if I hadn't hated needles so much and paid more attention during Science classes (!) I would have been a vet. I have 1 dog, Ruby, and I adore spending days at the beach with her and my family.

I am a make up obsessive, own far too many lipsticks, but still on the hunt for the perfect red.' In my spare time I enjoy drinking with friends, and simply cannot pass the opportunity for a cocktail and girly catch up! I also spent countless hours painting my nails and re-arranging my shoe collection!

Favourite films have to be Top Gun, Cool Runnings and The Goonies. A disc of my Sex & The City box set remains constantly in my DVD player and I just hit play when I have a spare 30 mins.

All in all a typical girl, but happy to get muddy when necessary!


Photo of Rachel Stobbs

Rachel Stobbs

Lettings Consultant

Started working for Linley and Simpson in 2011

Hi guys! Rachel Stobbs

A little about me!

I have worked in lettings for 9 years now and have been with Linley & Simpson since February 2011. I love the buzz of working in the city office, no days are ever the same and there's always lots to do, but hey it's makes great stories to tell !

30 something, Leeds born girl but grew up in the UAE for 12 years, but only know how to say "could I have a cup of tea please" in Arabic!!

I live with my fiancé in Castleford, with my step daughter and 2 cats (Jet who is black obviously & poppy who has a foot fetish). I'm a Leeds United supporter, for my sins, but,find my loyalties are split when it comes to rugby, Rhinos or Tigers?!?

My favourite things in life are my family and friends, oh and not to forget cocktails, shopping & chick flicks of course ;-).

I'm an avid gym freak trying to get there 3 to 4 times a week, I love going out, drinking cocktails (essential) and generally just having a good time


Photo of Paul Bormann

Paul Bormann Esq...

Lettings Consultant

Started working for Linley and Simpson in ????

I love it when a let comes together

  • My motto - "Try your best"
  • Driven and ambitious
  • Former PE teacher
  • Morale officer @ City office
  • Winner of L&S fantasy football league 2012/13
  • Story teller extraordinaire
  • Chairman of FC Tadcaster
  • Star player of Linley and Simpson FC
  • All round nice guy
  • @PaulBorrmann


Photo of Jess Burns

Jess Burns

Lettings Consultant

Started working for Linley and Simpson in 2009

Hi, I'm Jess Burns,

I'm 23 and I've been working for Linley and Simpson for 4 years.

I'm originally from Sheffield but now live in Leeds City centre with my boyfriend.

I enjoy hanging out with my friends, having a few drinks and a good dance!

I have a huge family so there's not many weekends that I haven't got someone crashing on my sofa!

I love a good Disney film and could waste a whole weekend watching back to back Friends.


Photo of Emma Knight

Emma Knight

Lettings Consultant

Started working for Linley and Simpson in 2009

Hi, I'm Emma from Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! I've worked at Linley and Simpson for 4 year.

I studied Architecture at University and I'm obsessed with old cameras.

Lots of things upset me, especially kitten heels, slow walkers and people who don’t wear their belt in the belt loops :(

I love shoes and bags, tea and toast, Dogs and all things sparkly - me in a nutshell!


Photo of Ben Walker

Ben Walker

Lettings Consultant

Started working for Linley and Simpson in 2013

Hi I'm Ben Walker,

I'm 20 years old and have worked for Linley and Simpson for 1 Whole Month!

I jumped straight into the working life after studying for my A levels as student life is not for me! Debt never really appealed to me !!!


Anything fast such as cars and motorbikes. A passion of mine if mixed martial arts and I have been learning the art of Muay Thai for the last 6 years.


Women's shoes, bags and make-up as my partner likes to deplete my bank account on these things.



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