Maintenance Helena House

Photo of Luke Gibson

Luke Gibson

Head of Maintenance

Started June 2008 – Was Property Manager at Harrogate, Promoted to Head of Maintenance Dec 2011

I was born and brought in rural Northumberland. A place where women have hairy legs and wear Wellies all year round, everything is bought with coal and people would actually run indoors when an aeroplane came overhead. I moved to Leeds in 1999 to attend University after I was asked 'politely' by my father to go (and not return) My front door key was taken away and to this day I have been unable to enter the family home of my own free will. Saw the bright lights of Leeds and didn't turn back. I have been with Linley and Simpson for 5 years and sold my soul to the devil for an Audi A3. I don’t like many things and I dislike the General Public.

Photo of David Taylor

David Taylor

Maintenance Co-ordinator

Started August 2012

Was born in Wigan and moved to Ilkley in 1993. I like to spend most of my spare time with my wife and daughter Ava Rose spending days out exploring in the dales or going swimming. I also like to spend time socialising with friends. I have an unhealthy obsession with sport of any kind but football and Wigan Athletic in particular. I have a real dislike of snow, I really don’t see the point. I hate freeloaders and people who want things for nothing. If you ever want to speak to me then you can normally find me at the following locations (KFC, McDonalds, or any good pie shop and some rubbish ones as well.) My motto in life is, it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.

How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done.

Photo of Dan Morris

Dan Morris

Maintenance Co-ordinator

Started at Harrogate, moved to Maintenance Dept Dec 2011

I like going to the gym, tend to go 5 times a week or more. I like going down to London and getting tattooed regularly, I have good friends down there and like going down and getting lost on the tube. Got a large group of friends predominantly in hull, so spend quite a bit of time driving on the m62 and back in various hung over states. Very occasionally read the odd book, although prefer sitting on my macbook and listening to music to relax. Big Southampton fan. Dislike Portsmouth FC, obviously, and people who put chocolate in the fridge. Bit of a man crush on ryan gosling, but have a thing for Nelly Furtado. Love watching breaking bad.

Photo of Greg Smallwood

Greg Smallwood

Maintenance Co-ordinator

Started at Harrogate, moved to Maintenance Dept Dec 2011

I have been with Linley and Simpson since April 2012 and work in the central maintenance department and I operate for the properties managed by the Horsforth and Roundhay branches. I live in Harrogate and have three children Abby, 11, Keira 9 and Seb 8.In my spare time I enjoy trying to keep fit, which is a constant battle, especially as am constantly being reminded that Iam the 'senior' member of the maintenance team! I also enjoy walking and looking for as many public houses in the local region that serve Copper Dragon Golden Pippin. I love a good night out at the pictures but these days I seem to spend a lot of time watching kids DVDs and memorising all the Moshi Monster characters so I can make the kids think I am (slightly) cool!

Photo of Nicola Walton

Nicola Walton

Maintenance Co-ordinator

Started March 2013

Recently new to the Linley and Simpson family and loving it! I enjoy the gym in my spare time and nothing better than a good night out. I have a 15 year old daughter and two cats to keep me company or drive me to distraction!

Photo of Keri-Ann Tolan

Keri-Ann Tolan

Maintenance Co-ordinator

Started June 2010 Worked at in Property Management at Roundhay and Horsforth before moving into the Maintenance Team

I've been part of the Linley and Simpson family for 3 years now.. I love our maintenance team as we are all a bit mad and have the best banter! I do love property and cannot wait to be a property developer one day!

I am Irish but im definitely not a gypsy so don’t believe whatever Chris Thompson tries to tell you about me! Although if you ever need your drive tarmacking I know some people who know some people who can help you out!

I'd love to say I enjoy the gym in my spare time but its very rare that I go because I'm lazy and find it really easy to talk myself out of going. I love going out drinking as vodka is by far my bestest friend ever, on a weekend I'm always about in town or out local causing drunken mischief somewhere. I don't follow football but I can name all the fit players, including Mr Beckham of Corse! I don't have any pets, or kids (that I’m aware of) I like my music and I like it Loud!

I know I'm still young but I don’t care how many times cookie tells me, rock music is NOT cool!.. long live Biggy and Bob Marley! yes I’m a bassline junkie and not ashamed to admit it. (sorry Cookie) My motto for life and words to swear by are; 'live it up, laugh it off and drink it down!'

Photo of Paul Cocks

Paul Cocks

Maintenance Co-ordinator

Started April 2013

Now then! As they say in Leeds.

I moved up from Kent to Leeds in 2002 where I begun my studies at Leeds Metropolitan University and gained a degree in Social Sciences. During university I had a fantastic time and with the numerous opportunities Leeds was the place for me. As well as starting a career in the Civil Service I was also a budding DJ playing in Leeds. Too much of a good time when you get a free bar!

Whilst in the Civil Service I took a career break and travelled round the world for a year which was a life changing experience – many stories to be told.

Before this I bought a house and after many gruelling hours getting covered in rubbish, I managed to rent it out. Having enjoyed the challenging experience, I decided to change careers and step into property management. I've recently joined Linley and Simpson working in the Central Maintenance department where I currently manage the Harrogate area. I am really enjoying it and hope to for many years to come.

Outside of work I have just started taking up the challenge of triathlon training and hope to compete in the London Triathlon in July 2013


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