Selling tips
Selling is easy with... Linley & Simpson

Through our expert knowledge and extensive marketing we will be there to sell your property as soon as we can, but there are certain things that you as the seller need to do to speed the process up and help your house to sell!

  1. The gardens, driveway and first impressions
    What would your reaction be to the property when you first see it?
    First impressions count for everything and this isn't just the internal of the house. Is the garden well kept? Is there any colour? Are there any weeds on the drive? Does the fence need a new coat of paint? Even having a clean car could make all the difference.
  2. Clutter
    Especially for viewings but also for your property photos. Make sure your house is tidy and free from clutter, although people aren't buying your belongings it can sometimes take a lot for people to look past them.
  3. Blank canvas
    Your home will be decorated to your taste and this may not be to everyone's liking. Some buyers may want a blank canvas so they can put there own stamp on the property, maybe a new neutral coat of paint could make a difference in a room that may have been decorated for a child?
  4. Lighting
    Make sure that you open curtains for viewings and utilise artificial light if needed. By keeping blinds and curtains shut it can make rooms look smaller than they are.
  5. Neighbours
    Tell your neighbours when you have people viewing the property and ask if they can say hello to viewers or maybe tell them a little about the area. Every person who views your house could be potential neighbours, a lot of the time it isn’t just the house that people are buying, it's the lifestyle.

Download our handy selling guide to help you sell your property!

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