Linley & Simpson community grant sends Brougham Street Nursery to Skipton Castle

3rd Jul 2023
Linley & Simpson community grant sends Brougham Street Nursery to Skipton Castle - Linley and Simpson

At Brougham Street Nursery, this term's school project was "Who Would Live Here?” and following lots of interest in Kings and Queens following the coronation, the school took all 60 pupils to visit Skipton Castle to get a real experience of what it's like to live as a King, using a community grant from Linley & Simpson.

Class teacher Becky Robinson said: “We are incredibly grateful to Linley and Simpson for this wonderful opportunity. The visit to the castle has been an enormous benefit to the children providing them with a wealth of learning opportunities. Seeing the children’s excitement in the castle was a joy to see. Without the grant, this would not have been possible.”

But what's really great about this trip, were a couple of comments Alison made in her email to us: "The funding enabled all of our children to visit Skipton Castle as part of their 'Who would live here?' project, which in itself is wonderful, but a couple of amazing events happened as a result of the visit.

Firstly, a little girl with autism who struggles to walk and generally travels in a pushchair walked all the way back from the castle. Secondly, a pre-verbal child who also has autism spoke two words. These opportunities give our children not only what is known as 'cultural capital' but also trigger events as we witnessed with these two children. Thank you, Linley and Simpson have genuinely changed lives."

You can read more about the trip in the local press here: Brougham Street Nursery School enjoys castle visit | Craven Herald