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BUY TO LET properties have become a very popular form of investment over the past two decades and the trend is set to continue as mortgage lenders develop new products dedicated to the Buy to Let market. Changes to the pension market have also boosted interest in this most tangible of investments.

Providing you have an adequate deposit to put down or adequate equity in your main home, Buy to Let remains an excellent long term investment, providing both income and capital growth despite occasional fluctuations in the property market. Buy to Let should always be seen as a medium to long term investment.

The key to success with Buy to Let is not to buy with your heart, but to buy with your head. Make sure you choose a property that is in demand in the area and not necessarily one that you would want to live in yourself.

Tenant demand is strong and looks set to continue to grow as first time buyers buy much later in life and still struggle to raise deposits in many cases. Attitudes to renting have changed and it is now seen as a perfectly acceptable alternative to home ownership, as it is in many other European countries.

Buy to Let properties can make you money in two ways:

  1. Capital Growth (the value of your property going up)
  2. Rental income

Whilst a Buy to Let property can make you money, it also has the potential to lose you money if you choose wrongly or the market experiences a drastic change. Make sure you have contingencies in place so that you can afford any drops in the property market, interest rate changes or vacant periods. You can insure against non-payers, we can recommend a provider.

Linley & Simpson are here to help make sure that your investment is a profitable one and not one that will cost you money

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Buy to Let Client Testimonial

In March 2015 we decided to tentatively look into the possibility of purchasing a Buy-to-Let investment property. Our research began by approaching a local branch of Linley & Simpson - we'd heard good reports.

To abbreviate: our first port of call was Emily Wilkinson - responsible for buy to letters. She couldn't have been more helpful. Unlimited time available, unlimited information and quick to respond to emails. It was Emily who recommended we may like to attend a L&S Investor's Evening at Weetwood Hall. This we did. Again, excellent - leaving us feeling "yes, we could do this".

Our next step was deciding what type of property we needed and why. We looked, in great detail, at 4 houses. Bramley; Cookridge; Kirkstall and Roundhay. On each viewing a L&S Branch Manager was very happy to accompany us. Again, unlimited time, unlimited expertise and absolutely no sales pressure.

Finally, we found the perfect BUY TO LET. Exactly what and where we needed. Marketed, we were pleased to see, by L&S! Jeremy Bladon (Sales Manager) simply couldn’t have been more helpful.

L&S however have a one-off USP - they are extremely professional with nothing being too much trouble.

Mrs J Roundhay - First Time Investor

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Disclaimer: Investments can go down as well as up. Linley and Simpson cannot guarantee any investment in respect of rental income, yield or capital growth. There is no guarantee that it will be possible to arrange continuous letting of the property, nor that the rental income will be sufficient to meet the cost of the mortgage. Any information is intended solely to provide guidance and is not financial advice. Linley and Simpson will not be liable for any loss arising from your use or reliance on this information. If you are in any doubt, Linley and Simpson recommends you obtain independent financial advice.

A selection of buy-to-let properties currently available

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Potential Rent: £595 PCM 

For Sale In Leeds

For Sale


Potential Rent: £795PCM 

For Sale In Harrogate

For Sale


Potential Rent: £500PCM 

For Sale In Wakefield

For Sale


Potential Rent: OF £700PCM 

For Sale In Leeds

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