One common misconception among landlords is that portable appliances are not present in their properties, therefore assuming that a PAT (Portable Appliance Test) is unnecessary.

However, even in unfurnished properties, white goods such as washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, fridge freezers, and portable heaters are considered portable appliances. It is crucial to highlight that these appliances have a higher tendency to develop faults, with 1 in 7 accidental dwelling fires being caused by faulty appliances and electrical leads.

Over the years, we have encountered numerous examples that underscore the importance of PAT tests. In one particular case involving a landlord from Manchester, an additional PAT test was carried out alongside the yearly gas safety check. During the inspection, the engineer identified an issue with the fridge/freezer, deeming it unsafe for use.

Acting promptly, the appliance was disconnected on-site, and the tenants were informed not to use it. The landlord, appreciative of the proactive approach and swift action, proceeded to replace the appliance. This incident serves as a powerful reminder of the critical role played by PAT tests in reducing the risk of appliance-related fires.

The potential risks we expose ourselves to by neglecting the need for regular checks on portable appliances and white goods are far too significant to overlook. By combining routine checks like PAT tests with annual Gas Safe Checks, landlords can ensure the safety of their tenants while safeguarding their property.

Undoubtedly, the best way to ensure the safety of appliances is to have a thorough PAT test conducted. This practice not only allows landlords to fulfil their legal obligations in maintaining high standards of electrical safety in rented properties but also serves as a proactive measure in prioritising the well-being of tenants.

To schedule PAT tests for your property or properties, simply reach out to your local Linley & Simpson branch and speak with your dedicated Property Manager. Our team is readily available to manage this process, alleviating any concerns you may have and ensuring the utmost safety and compliance in your rental properties.