13 October 2014

Britain is home to a generation of renters who are giving up on buying their own home, says a report that attracted major headlines.

The 'Generation Rent' report from the Halifax warns that, if attitudes become reality, the shape of Britain's h

However, despite this aspiration, nearly half of 20 to 45-year-olds say Britain is becoming more like Europe where renting is seen as the norm, and predict that Britain will become a nation of renters within the next generation.

Produced by the National Centre for Social Research, the report analysed the results of a survey of 8,000 20 to 45-year-olds and identified the emergence of 'Generation Rent': two-thirds (64%) of non-home owners who believe they have no prospect whatsoever of buying a home.

The perception that banks are not lending, the size of mortgage deposits necessary, and a fear of the application process has prevented 'Generation Rent' from making any significant attempts to buy a home.

Longer term, only 5% of this group are making sacrifices to save for a deposit; 95% say they have no spare cash, no interest in saving for a deposit, or were trying to save but failing to do so.

Stephen Noakes, commercial director of Halifax Mortgages, said: "Our research indicates just how many potential first-time buyers are not making it to the application stage because of a fear of being declined.

The report revealed widespread pessimism about lenders and the mortgage application process: 84% say first-time buyers are put off by a belief that banks do not want to lend to them and find excuses to turn them down, and 60% believe getting a mortgage is very hard or virtually impossible.

Almost seven in ten (67%) believe that everyone is rejected by lenders so there is little point in applying.

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