4 September 2018

So as an existing or potential landlord you want to make sure your properties are 'rented' as much as possible. This obviously means a quick turnaround from one tenant to the next.

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If however, you're struggling to get tenants into one of your properties or find yourself having to reduce the price, then maybe you need to consider home staging before you have your photographs taken or your next potential tenants look round the property.

I realise this may sound a bit silly to some of you - its only a rental, why would I waste money on that?

Well here's 5 reasons why it makes sense financially for you...

  1. If you can get a quick re-rental you're gaining financially - the cost of home staging will be less than a month's rent!
  2. 90% of renters have a gut feeling on entry to a property or seeing those first images online
  3. The like it/don't like it decision is often made on first impression
  4. Standing out from others in the market ensures you get the top price for your property
  5. Emotional reaction plays a big part in decision making; if you can see yourself happy there, you want it!

So how do you do that? Well here's a few tips to start you off...

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  • Create a neutral backdrop so people can imagine themselves in there -  a fresh lick of paint can work wonders to brighten the place up
  • Use colour in small doses – artwork, cushions, books, accessories, throws
  • Consider professionally cleaning carpets, curtains, sofas, grout – the cost will be outweighed by the financial gain of a speedy rental
  • Show the space for its purpose or several purposes of the audience
  • Put yourself in the renters' shoes - what type of person is likely to want to view the property and what do they need from it
  • Remove personal items from the pictures, photos, trophies, etc
  • Ensure all clutter is off worktops, tables, cabinets and any overpowering furniture is removed to show the full space potential of the rooms (the items on top of the cupboard suggest lack of storage space and the items all over work surfaces make it look small).

It really can make a massive difference if the images on the website stop you in your tracks - first impressions really do count!

If you want to find out more or have a chat with a pro, contact Monkey & Pickle Interior Design and I can help you make sure your property reaches its full potential.

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