12 February 2020

EARLIER this week, LandlordTODAY published an article which suggests that the government are calling out Landlords to lift pet restrictions on their properties.

As written in LandlordTODAY, "Many pet-owning tenants have a tough time finding a suitable rental home, as few landlords embrace the idea of a pet in their property. The reasons are understandable given that some animals, such as dogs, can be noisy, smelly and destructive.

"But landlords may soon be forced to start accepting animal lovers as renters under strict new rules being proposed by the government. The government's model tenancy contracts will be revised to remove restrictions on pets to make it easier for rentals to bring well-behaved animals into their properties.

"The move is part of a number of fresh measures being introduced to help improve renting conditions".

David Mear, the Head of Lettings across the Linley & Simpson network says, "Now, more than ever, Landlords need to know and understand how to attract the best tenants for their rental properties.

"Almost half of all UK households own a pet. There's huge potential for landlords to tap into this growing market and we, as agents, are here to provide surety that properties maximise their appeal without imposing any risk or damage for allowing pets.

"We currently have 56 rental properties available which accept pets, but we occasionally struggle to find the ideal home for tenants that own one.  Tenancy agreements can be amended to include a clause relating to the restrictions made on pets, with the tenant accepting full responsibility for the control, care and cleaning of the animal, which is something we recommend doing".

For more information on how to make your property available to tenants with pets, call one of our branches today.

To read the full article in Landlord TODAY, please visit: https://bit.ly/3biw8sH

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