11 November 2021

The Smartest Investment You’ll Make This Year...

They say prevention is better than the cure - the same goes for keeping your property up to scratch when it comes to a new Energy Performance Certificate.

If your property is due a new EPC, there are things you can do before the assessment to get a head start on a better rating.

Something you can do yourself is replacing all lights with low energy light bulbs - it’s quick, easy to do, low cost and will boost your rating.

The two simplest and cheapest improvements are loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. There is often grant funding available for both of these, so they could even be FREE! They will also have quite an impact on your rating. Solid walls are a little more complex to resolve, but there are options.

EPC reports aren’t just for landlords - they give potential tenants an idea of how warm the house will be, and more importantly, how much money they will be spending on bills but - many tenants do not know an EPC is more than just a graph.

You can compare some at www.epcregister.com

Tenants are becoming increasingly aware of energy costs and energy efficiency. With the rollout of minimum energy efficiency standards, now is the time to improve your property - make it more rentable, warmer, cheaper to live in, better for the environment, and future proof yourself!

If buying, a key consideration is that the property is at least an E with the potential to move up to a C rating. Some lenders will no longer lend on anything below an E, and this will only get harder.

The government will be investing heavily in reducing carbon outputs, so keep an eye on grants and funding programs to improve the property rating at little cost to yourself!

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