21 July 2014

We visit a pair of housemates who are loving their new flat and life in Leeds

When did you move in?
Ed: We moved in on 1st October. I was living in Leeds previously, just down on Clarence Dock. And James

Edward Duffield and James Barrett

Is there anything Hull's got that Leeds hasn't?
Ed: [Thinks for a few seconds] The Deep. And that's it! That was always good if you were a bit bored on a weekend, you could always have a potter around.
James: There are better looking women here in Leeds as well by far. I feel like a fat kid in a candy shop.

Are you both from Hull?
Ed: No, I'm originally from Halifax, I moved to Hull for university.
James: I was born in Berlin but I'm actually a southerner, well, I'm like 50-50, I'm half northern half southern. Both my mum and dad are in the armed forces so I lived in Germany, Northern Ireland, Aldershot. Not many childhood friends let's put it that way!

Are you enjoying life at Montague?
Ed: Yeah, it's great. Actually to be honest it's bigger and it's not as expensive as my previous place. The previous place I lived in you didn’t pay for water as it was included, but apart from that it's pretty much the same set-up but the room's bigger, it's all done to a high spec as well. As soon as I saw the place, I was like yeah, I do want this place.

Did you like Clarence Dock as well?
Ed: I liked it, yeah, because it feels a bit like a holiday vibe when you're sat on the balcony there. You get the sun in the afternoon, there's quite a few shops dotted about and it's quite close to town. But for me personally I think this is closer and where I work is closer as well, so it's a quicker journey for me.

Where do you work?
Ed: I work for HBOS. I also do a bit of freelance design in my spare time.
James: I'm hoping to start working for a company shortly but I've just been doing a bit of freelance work myself. There's a lot more work opportunities in Leeds than anywhere else, and especially compared to Hull as well.

What are your favourite bars or restaurants in Leeds?
James: Ed's given me a bit of a guided tour. But the one I like – what was the one we went to that day? The tapas bar...
Ed: Oh, Azucar. And we went to Neon Cactus which is always good.

What's your most treasured possession?
Ed: You go first James because I need a few minutes to think about that!
James: In all honesty, sad as it sounds, I think it'd have to be my iPhone because at the moment, until I can get a laptop, I'm using it for emails, the whole shebang really. That's more important than anything! Football's second.
Ed: I think probably for myself it would be my computer actually. Because it's got pretty much all my life on there. Everything I do and all my artwork and generally communicating with everybody.

What are your plans for the flat?
Ed: We've got a nice new big TV coming soon. We'll get rid of this coffee table; it's not in keeping with the dcor we've got ideas for. I've got a few plans for some of the nice big wall space.
James: We keep on having this dream that we're gonna get one of these old-style arcades, you know, like you get in HMV. Streetfighter or something.
Ed: It might be something to add to the shopping list. I don't know where on earth we'd put it though to be honest! And we're gonna get a dining table as well. So maybe stick it in the hallway!

Who would be your dream house guests?
Ed: Ah that's a good one...
James: For me I'd have to say... I'd have to say Roxanne Pallett.
Ed: Surprise surprise.
James: And probably Jenni Metcalfe.
Ed: That's her from 'Hollyoaks' isn't it. I think I'd be a bit more manly on this one. I'd probably choose Arnold Schwarzenegger because I bet he's got some stories. And probably a mixed martial artist called Anderson Silva. He's a favourite of mine.
James: They won't look good in a thong mate.

Edward and James are renting their flat through Linley & Simpson, 16 Swinegate, LS1 4AG, 0113 246 9295, email city@linleyandsimpson.co.uk


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