10 August 2014

According to an assessment published by Landlord Assist, an organization that focuses on helping residential landlords evict tenants who fail to correct rental arrears, the buy-to-let market is showing several signs of stabilization. There seems to be

Yet the number of residential properties for sale is quite low, which is helping to push prices up and partially off-set the decline in values that has hit the housing sector over the past year. Landlord Assist's general manager, Graham Kinnear, anticipates a strong "resurgence" in the residential rental sector for two main reasons. First, a growing number of Britons are looking for investments and future forms of income that can be trusted to keep pace with the rate of inflation, especially in light of very low interest rates on money invested with banks and other financial institutions. In fact, many Britons now believe that investing in the buy-to-let sector would help them supplement their anticipated pensions, once they retire. The second reason for optimism in the buy-to-let sector is that the number of foreign workers and students arriving in the UK from overseas remains very high, thus guaranteeing sustained demand for rental properties in the foreseeable future.

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