24 January 2018

Bleed Your Radiators

One of the most common complaints from homeowners – when it comes to them switching their central heating back on for winter – is that their radiators aren't heating up as well as they should be. Often, if a radiator has cold patches, it just needs bleeding, which is a simple task and usually, there’s no need to call out an engineer.

Check Your Boiler's Water Pressure

Is your boiler pressurised correctly? To ensure that your central heating system is working correctly, the boiler needs to maintain pressure. Quite often if you are having issues with your boiler pressure this is an indication that something is wrong with your boiler system such as a water leak, an issue with an expansion vessel or problems with valves. Top tip: Remember if you have bled a radiator, your boiler will require the pressure topping up afterwards!

Service Your Boiler Annually

By servicing your boiler it will ensure your boiler is functioning correctly and running as efficiently as possible. It’s something people tend to overlook or feel that they will be fine without doing, but that’s often not the case. As well as the above it will prolong the life of your boiler and can also save you money by identifying potential issues early, which can help avoid a costlier repair down the line.

Remember you receive 25% off an annual boiler service or annual safety check of your gas appliances, and/or 10% reduction from any other works with our Linley & Simpson Loyalty card.

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